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Compromise Help endeavor is connect the client to advocate. We will assist and advice for compromise to clients who have been long waiting for any legal help. Our main purpose is to trim down the crime rate in India that is being constantly increasing. No matter whatever type of case whether civil, criminal, family matters and marriage, divorce, you can now post your case in our website for a placing in Lok adalat through our advocate peaceful settlement. 
People registering in this website both advocate and high court/supreme court case client can avail the services of Compromise Help. 
The website will enable both the clients and advocates to enjoy the following benefits:

Advocates End

1. Improve profession through electronic media. 
2.Expand area of service. 
3.Get clients contacts easily from home/office. 
4.Earn more money through different cases.

Clients End

1. Help compromise through lok adalat. 
2. Motivate towards compromise in case if it is not possible to negotiate. 
3.Provides best advocates to win the case. 
4.Effective Legal advice/help for settlement.